Four Tips To Help You Get The Green Monsters Out Of Your Pool

One day you go swimming, and then a day later your pool looks like it is harboring monsters. Many things, such as heavy rains that affect chemical levels, can cause dirty pool water. Other problems that can lead to green pool monsters are things like faulty filters and lack of maintenance. If your pool as gone from crystal clear to swamp-like in a matter of days, here are some tips to help you bring back the clarity and keep the monsters at bay:

1. Cleaning Any Large Debris From The Surface And Bottom Of Pool  

The debris in your pool can be a major problem with water quality. If algae has began to bloom, it is likely that there is large debris that can be removed with a net. Storms can also cause debris to be blown into your pool. Remove all the debris you can with a net before you begin doing other maintenance to get the green out of your pool.

2. Using A Brush And Broom To Scrub Algae From Surfaces

If algae is blooming in your pool, it will stick to all the surfaces. You will want to brush your pool and sweep the bottom with a broom to get the algae loose. Use a hand brush to get any debris in cracks around parts like skimmers and outlets. It is important that you get all the algae loose, or it will quickly come back.

3. Shocking Your Pool To Clear Out Any Growth In The Water

Algae, bacteria and other organisms can live in your pool water. To get rid of this growth, you will want to shock your pool. This chemical treatment quickly raises the level of your chlorine. After adding shock, you will want to add an algaecide to kill any algae in the water.

4. Running The Filter And Adjusting The Chemical Levels In Water

Filters can also be a problem that is causing your pool to quickly go green. You will want to clean the cartridge or backwash sand, salt and DE filters. While you are doing maintenance to the filter, look for problems like cracks and defects. It may be a simple filter repair that can help prevent your pool from turning green again.

These are some tips to help you combat the bad water quality in your pool. If your pool needs repairs and maintenance, contact a pool company and talk with them about what can be done to prevent these problems.