How To Open Your Pool And Ensure Good Water Quality All Summer

If you are still waiting to open your pool, it may be a good time to start now. There is a lot of work that needs to be done and it may be a good idea to start now. If you want to reduce maintenance and cleaning chores this summer, there may be a few extra tasks that can help. Here are some steps to help you with opening your pool and ensuring you have good water quality all summer long: 

1. Clearing Debris Before Removing The Pool Cover

Clearing the debris off the pool cover is something that you may not think of when it comes time to take the cover off. Use a push broom to clear debris and any standing water on the cover. As you take the cover off, fold it to avoid letting it fall into the water. This will help prevent any dirt that is on the cover from getting in the water. Before you put the cover up, give it a good cleaning and let is completely dry before folding it up and storing it.

2. Drain Part Of The Water To Make The Task Of Cleaning Easier

After months under the cover, the water in your pool is likely to be green and full of algae. Cleaning the water and keeping it clear after it has turned green can be challenging. You may want to partially drain the pool to make cleaning easier and reduce the chances of it quickly turning green again.

3. Get Large Debris Out With A Large Net And Reduce Potential Pool Equipment Problems

Once you have partially drained the pool, you can be sure that there is going to be large debris collected in the shallower water. This can be clumps of algae and other things that have made their way into the water during the winter months. Before you turn any equipment on, you will want to fish out all the large debris you can with a net. Doing this will reduce the chances that the debris causes damage to equipment like pumps.

4. Shock And Shock Again Before Topping The Pool Off With Water For Opening

Shocking your pool is something that you will have to do to get the water clear and the PH and chlorine levels right. To start, do this before you even add any water to the pool. Repeat the process again to kill off any organisms growing in the pool. You will want to fill the pool, and then, do one last treatment to ensure that you pool is ready for a summer of swimming. 

Following these steps can help ensure you get your pool open and ready to cool down this summer. If you need help with maintenance and repairs, contact a pool service and talk with them about how they can help you with your pool opening.