Bring The Lake To Your Own Backyard

Does a dip in the lake bring back memories of fabulous summer days? You can recreate that feeling in your own backyard with a natural pool designed to look like a lake. You'll get all the benefits and beauty of lakeside living while swimming in a clean, controlled environment in your own space. Here are some design tips. 

Consider the Edge

Your swimming pool will have regular walls and edges, but in a natural pool design these will be hidden by sloping edges that look like they are natural entrances to water. Your sloping sides can be filled with the type of sand or pebbles you would find next to a lake. 

Build a Dock

Create a wooden walkway around your pool, and then add a small boat dock that sticks out into deep water. This is perfect for jumping into the pool or for lounging on a sunny day. 

You could also build a wooden bridge that runs across the center of your pool. 


What would you naturally see growing around a lake? Put some water plants along the outside edges of your pool where the dirt and sand create a slope. You may also want to let the water overflow in one area where you can have a shallow pond with water lilies and other aquatic plants. 

Plants can help remove bacteria and keep the water clean if you choose to have a natural pool that does not include a filter or chemicals. If you are simply using a natural pool design, you will want to hide your filter and pumps among the plants and rocks. 

Plants may also attract animals like dragonflies and frogs that will eat mosquitoes. 

Personal Touches

Get creative and have some fun with your natural swimming pool design. Ask yourself what you dream swimming hole would be like, and then make decisions from there.

Add a beautiful rock wall on one side that leads to a cascading water fall, or create a water slide designed to look like it is made of trees that have naturally fallen near the lake. You could also create a separate pond filled with colorful fish or hang a rustic looking swing from a tree next to your pool. 

Imagine having a pool in your backyard that looks like it was placed there by nature. You can design a pool that looks just like the shores of your favorite lake. Contact a company like Pacific AquaScapes to get started.