Three Options For A Kid-Friendly Park District Pool System

Park district swimming pools offer a great source of recreation for families during warm weather months. However, traditional swimming pools with shallow ends aren't always accommodating for families with young children. Toddlers just learning to get used to the water and preschoolers just learning to float need to be held by an adult, which means less play time for the whole family. If your park district has a budget for a new pool facility, here are some options to consider to make your summer swim program more accessible for families.

Zero-Entry Pools

Zero-entry pools mimic the gradual rise in water levels you would find at a beach. Little ones can splash around in just a few inches of water, while experienced swimmers can make their way to deeper water. This option is ideal for families with several children, as parents can supervise more than one tot at a time. Having a zero-entry pool can also help children who are afraid of the water ease their fears. To install this type of pool, you'll need to have more available space than a traditional swimming pool. The pool needs to be longer to accommodate the gradual rise in water levels, so be sure to discuss this with your contractor.

Splash Pads

Splash pads are perfect for infants and toddlers. Because there is no pool of water, little ones can have fun without having to worry about the depth of the water. You can install a splash pad next to your existing swimming pool to give families multiple options for play. You can also install a splash pad with just a few inches of water to make toddlers feel as though they are in a real swimming pool.Talk to your pool contractor about the different designs and colors available so you can create an inviting space for young children to enjoy. You may also want to consider creating a barrier fence and gate. This can help prevent little ones from wandering away to the large swimming pool.

Wave Pools

Wave pools are attractions at many water parks, and adding one to your park district pool system can give families a way to escape without having to book a water park vacation. These pools mimic the waves of the ocean, giving kids and adults a fun way to bounce and splash in the water. You'll need to have a large space dedicated for this type of pool, so talk to your contractor about what the space requirements are for construction. You can give your completed wave pool a tropical touch with cabana-style seating and plenty of lush greenery in the surrounding area.

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